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Passion above all

Notre association

Our Mission

Association offers hikes in Provence with pretty small mules. After getting acquainted with your mule, you can take it with you for a tour of your choice, with friends or family.
Une excursion originale

An original hike!

Do you want to discover "massif of Provence" in an original way? Try a unique, awesome experience with Raboulo, Soleil, Accacia, Baïne and Ella.five adorable miniature mules from Sardinia.
Our Mules

Our Small Donkeys

Rustic, they are kind, gentle and not at all capricious. Discreet and endearing, they will give your ride a quiet rhythm, they will carry in their bags the contents of your backpack, sandwich...

About Our Mules

Randonnée avec un âne

The ideal companion for the road

Extremely affectionate, the donkey is an excellent companion on the road. The rhythm of its sure step invites to another form of travel: We take our time: the time to discover the little treasures of the landscape and indulging our curiosity. While hiking with a donkey, you'll discover not only a sociable animal, clever and especially creator of connections.

Top Randos

La crête des Alpilles

"Les Alpilles" is a small steep limestone massif, wealth lay in the harmony of its landscapes.


Rocher des 2 trous à Saint Rémy

The "rock of 2 holes" can be seen on paintings by Vincent Van Gogh. The route is lined with places that inspired the painter....booked.net

Our different tours and hikes

Randonnées guidées

guided tours

Do you wish to go with a guide? We offer hikes with a guide.

Randonnées libres

Tours without guide

Hikes with donkeys: Donkey Rental without guides, for half day, for a full day or a full weekend.

Tour spécial week-end

Special weekend tour

We offer a special and unusual Weekend tour in the Alpilles...

Documents and practical info

Terms & Conditions

Please refer to the General Terms and Conditions before your arrival and your check in.

rental agreement

Get your rental agreement you must complete it and sign it and you'll give it to us during the chekin, just before go hiking.
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access to the massif

Read the information needed to access the Alpilles, follow the prefectural or municipal regulations... Click here


Check all bus schedules to better prepare your exit.

Accès à la Montagnette

By prefectural order dated 30 May, the prefect of the Bouches-du-Rhône extended the decree of 30 September 2022 regulating access, the movement of people, vehicles and the parking of vehicles in the burnt areas of the Montagnette massif, prohibited access until 30 June 2024 inclusive.
Montagnette access

Our Donkeys

Ane 1


Ane 2


La Douceur
Ane 3


La Patience


La Malice