Extremely affectionate, the donkey is an excellent companion on the road. The rhythm of its sure step invites to another form of travel: We take our time: the time to discover the little treasures of the landscape and indulging our curiosity. While hiking with a donkey, you'll discover not only a sociable animal, clever and especially creator of connections.

He becomes the focus of the group, each decode and interprets his language in his own way: laughs guaranteed! It becomes the topic of discussion of all encounters, real moments of exchanges with other hikers! Hiking with a donkey invites to stop time, to walk, observe, contemplate. You can enjoy your hike comfortably without having to carry your camp on your back. At a rate of 15 to 20 kg distributed on either side of its sides, the donkey carries luggage from 2 to 4 people. The magic aspect: even kids will love to walk with this companion.

But even if its robustness has always made it an animal capable of carrying heavy loads, the donkey is much more than that! And this is the whole point of a hike with him. Indeed, the donkey is a calm and serene animal in all circumstances. He is gentle, affectionate, attentive to others and, above all, appreciates the company of the humans, a beautiful complicity is created during this excursion, and they say when you go hiking with a donkey, you take a risk, can’t live without him...

Before departure, the donkey-driver will demonstrate how to take good care of the animal, in the company of the children who will be happy to adopt these simple and easy gestures. The whole family will learn how to chop, brush and place the bundle properly. It's important to note that the donkey does not behave like the horse. Smaller and much less lively, it differs from it by its strong personality. Seeking to dominate him doesn't lead to much, trying to get his friendship is much more effective. The relationship with the donkey is one of trust and exchange. The familiarity and melancholy look of the animal are also another asset that quickly creates emotional contact.

We quickly tempted to come to him, to caress him, to be connected to him. This ease of approach promotes relationships in a small group, even refractory teens are quickly attracted and conquered.